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Jacob GatesWelcome to Jobinterviewat.com. My name is Jacob Gates. I have been working as a corporate interviewer and  recruitment consultant for the past ten years.

I’ve been helping Fortune 500 companies to hire new talent, as well as to improve their interview process.

However, one day I realized that many people had the same role in the world, but there weren’t many dedicated to help the job seekers to get a job at the companies such as IBM, Walmart, Wells Fargo and other great corporations.

To reach balance on the job market, we need both companies and job seekers to be prepared for the interviews.

Therefor I started to offer individual interview coaching services, consultation and resume reviews for people striving to get a job at one of these giants. You can find more about myself and my services on my personal website.

However, I became too busy and it was impossible to keep helping the job seekers this way, and to pursue my other ventures at the same time, in both professional and personal life.

But I didn’t want to give up, and I have eventually found a solution.

I decided to develop and regularly update few specialized digital products (eBooks), to show the job seekers how to ace an interview and get a job at the companies where I had worked, or have adequate knowledge about.

At the moment, the following products are available:

With these specialized eBooks, I can finally help unlimited number of people to get a job of their dreams, while having enough time to focus on my other ventures.


Good News for applicants at STARBUCKS!

Mathew Arnolds

Mathew Arnolds

My friend, great manager and interviewer Mathew Arnolds, decided to publish an interview guides on his own. He tries to help job seekers at STARBUCKS. He worked as a manager there and led more than two thousand interviews in his life.

You can find it here: Starbucks Interview Guide



I hope our eBooks will help you to get a job of your dreams. Thank you for spending time on our website. Good luck to you!


Jacob Gates