Jacob Gates, author of the contentWelcome to Jobinterviewat.com. My name is Jacob Gates. I have worked as a corporate interviewer and recruitment consultant for ten years.

I have helped numerous Fortune 500 companies to hire new talent, and to improve their recruitment processes.

However, one day I realized that many people had the same role, helping companies to hire the best people. But just very few of us actually helped the job seekers to get a job of their dreams, at IBM, Wells Fargo, and at other great corporations.

Searching new challenge, I decided to change my career.

I started to offer individual job interview coaching services, consultations and resume reviews, for people who wanted to get a job at one of the corporations where I had worked before. You can find more information about my offer on my personal website.

However, I soon had many clients, and it became impossible to help everyone, and to pursue my other ventures in both professional and personal life. I did not want to give up though, and I eventually found a way….

I decided to write and regularly update a few specialized digital products (eBooks), to show the job seekers how to ace an interview and get a job. I wrote interview guides for companies where I had worked before, or for companies I had adequate knowledge about, in terms of their interview process.

At the moment, you can get the following eBooks:

With the books, I can finally help many job seekers to get a job of their dreams, while having enough time to focus on my other ventures in business and in non-profit.


Good news for job applicants at STARBUCKS

My friend, great manager and interviewer Mathew Arnolds, decided to publish an interview guide on his own. He tries to help job seekers at STARBUCKS. He worked as a manager for the company, and he led more than two thousand interviews in his entire life (not only at STARBUCKS).

You can find his book here: Starbucks Interview Guide


I hope that my eBooks will help you to get a job of your dreams. Thank you for spending time on our website.


Jacob Gates